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Driving Green Lending in Sub-Saharan Africa

Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency

When the top management at Letshego Holdings Limited, a regulated and publicly listed NBFI headquartered in Botswana, committed to incorporating green lending into their strategy, they did it not only for the climate, but also because they could see that it was a savvy move to ensure long-term growth and enhance product differentiation. This was a classic win-win by any definition. But they didn’t have any prior experience in the field, which is why they started working with responsAbility’s climate team to guarantee successful onboarding, early-stage buy-in within the organization, and eventual fund utilization. So while they currently provide retail financial services in 11 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, they decided to focus the investment from responsAbility’s climate fund on Ghana, Tanzania and Nigeria, with the aim to expand to the other markets over time.

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How-to: the recipe for green lending from climate experts

Education, energy specialists and reporting are key

Within many traditional financial institutions (FIs) across the globe, sustainability-minded employees are pushing their institution to be greener. Our climate experts at the Global Climate Partnership Fund (GCPF) started calling these employees “Green Champions” and engaging with them to help bring their institution into the green lending sphere. Over the years, the following “recipe” for green lending success emerged, with the goal to transform financial institutions, gain more “Green Champions”, and most importantly, mitigate climate change.

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GCPF Annual Report 2020

In the midst of a global pandemic, the Fund adapted to unprecedented volatility in emerging economies. We are proud to say that GCPF has managed to protect the interests of stakeholders while also continuing to advance climate change mitigation.

Read the full report here

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GCPF and BASE join forces to unlock investments in clean cooling

In a warming world with increasing urbanization and a growing energy demand for air conditioning, Cooling as a Service is set to be a solution to scale up efficient and clean cooling systems.

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GCPF has created a worldwide climate finance community

Antoine Prédour, Head of GCPF at the Fund’s investment manager responsAbility, looks at how the Fund has developed since responsAbility took over as manager in late 2014.

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An increasing need to manage E&S risks

Clive Mason, long-time consultant for GCPF, explains the Fund’s approach to managing E&S risk.

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A great contribution towards our goal of becoming 100% climate-neutral

Willem Tielenius Kruythoff, portfolio manager at Dutch ASN Bank, on how their investment in the Global Climate Partnership Fund contributes to mitigating climate change on a global scale.

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A portfolio of nearly USD 600 m is a clear sign of success

Claudia Loy, long-time Chair of GCPF’s Investment Committee, on how the Fund’s portfolio has evolved over the past decade – and why.

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GCPF, Thinkstep and SGS join forces to promote EDGE certifications for green buildings

The Global Climate Partnership Fund, Thinkstep and SGS have signed a framework agreement to incorporate the IFC EDGE certification scheme for green buildings into the Fund’s Technical Assistance offer.