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GCPF teams up with solar PV company REDAVIA

The Global Climate Partnership Fund is further expanding its portfolio of companies active in the distributed energy area: Solar technology company REDAVIA and GCPF have signed a financing agreement for REDAVIA's Ghanaian subsidiary. The USD 4 m financing will allow REDAVIA to supply Ghana’s industrial and commercial sector with affordable, reliable and clean power generated through modular solar farms.

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Upcoming event: GCPF Academy 2018

The GCPF Academy 2018 will bring together global practitioners and experts to discuss emerging issues, challenges and tools in Green Lending.

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City Bank Bangladesh, in association with the Global Climate Partnership Fund (GCPF), hosted a “Green Champion Recognition Ceremony”. The aim of the event was to recognize the outstanding contribution of its customers to the mitigation of climate change.

Global portfolio

GCPF invests in energy efficiency and renewable energy in emerging and developing markets globally

Green Growth outlook

Developing countries drive energy demand and co2 emission growth

project examples

From solar in Nicaragua to energy efficient textile industry in Bangladesh

About GCPF

As an innovative impact investing fund, GCPF provides energy efficiency and renewable energy financing in order to mitigate climate change and drive sustainable growth in developing and emerging markets. The fund mainly invests through local financial institutions but also directly.


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