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| Press Releases

GCPF teams up with Global Bank, Panama

Panama-based Global Bank Corporation joins the ranks of the Global Climate Partnership Fund’s international network of partner financial institutions. 

| Press Releases

Top German savings bank joins ranks of GCPF private investors

Die Sparkasse Bremen, one of Germany’s largest savings banks with total assets of EUR 11 billion, has joined the ranks of the Global Climate Partnership Fund’s private investors.

| Insight

Training Bangladeshi banks in E&S risk management

In line with local regulatory requirements, most financial institutions in Bangladesh are strengthening their environmental and social management system frameworks to manage key risks.

Global portfolio

GCPF invests in energy efficiency and renewable energy in emerging and developing markets globally

Green Growth outlook

Developing countries drive energy demand and co2 emission growth

project examples

From solar in Nicaragua to energy efficient textile industry in Bangladesh

About GCPF

As an innovative impact investing fund, GCPF provides energy efficiency and renewable energy financing in order to mitigate climate change and drive sustainable growth in developing and emerging markets. The fund mainly invests through local financial institutions but also directly.


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