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This information material was produced by responsAbility Investments AG (hereinafter “responsAbility”). This information material relates to GLOBAL CLIMATE PARTNERSHIP FUND SA, SICAV-SIF (GCPF) (further referred to as the „Product“). The Product qualifies as an alternative investment fund within the meaning of the AIFM Law that is internally managed in the public interest with at least a ¾ majority of the members of the Board as well as of the Investment Committee Qualifying Representatives. As a result the Product is exempt from the scope of the AIFM Law pursuant to article 2(2) c) thereof. The Product is offering shares (the "Shares") and notes (the "Notes") on the basis of the information contained in the issue document (the "Issue Document") and in the documents referred to herein. The information contained in this information material (hereinafter “information”) is based on sources considered to be reliable, but its accuracy and completeness are not guaranteed. The information is subject to change at any time and without obligation to notify the investors. Unless otherwise indicated, all figures are unaudited and are not guaranteed.

Any action derived from this information is always at the investors’ own risk. This information material is for information purposes only, and is not an official confirmation of terms. The value of an investment and any income from it are not guaranteed. Changes in the assumptions may have a substantial impact on the return. Past performance is no indication of current or future performance, and the performance data do not take account of the commissions and costs incurred on the issue and redemption of shares. Based on the legal document (Issue Document) expenses and fees will be charged in particular for administration and investment management services.

The Shares are issued under registered form only. No Share certificates shall be issued. The registered Shares are recorded in the Shareholders' register kept by the Product or by one person appointed to that effect by the Product; the inscription shall indicate the name of each holder of registered Shares, its nationality, residence, legal address or registered office as communicated to the Fund, the number of registered Shares held and the amount of any outstanding commitment to the Product. The Investments within the Product are subject to market fluctuations and to the risks inherent in all investments. Accordingly, no assurance can be given that the Investment Objective will be achieved. The risk factors hereafter may result in substantial Net Asset Value volatility and depreciation.

The GCPF-Note can be considered as a structured product in some jurisdictions and is therefore not suitable for all types of investors. Structured transactions are complex and may involve a high risk of loss. The return on the structured products is linked to the performance of the underlying asset, the GCPF, which may be negative, and involves risks specific to the relevant underlying asset. The performance of structured products depends on the general global economic situation along with the political and economic factors in the relevant countries. Neither responsAbility nor the issuer nor any of their officers or employees assumes any responsibility for the economic success or lack of success of an investment in the products or the performance of the reference portfolio. The structured Products’ value is dependent not only on the development of the value of the underlying, but also on the creditworthiness of the issuer, which may change over the term of the structured product. Investors bear the risk that the issuer may not be able to meet its payment obligations. Structured products are not a liquid investment and are designed to be held to maturity. Investments in financial instruments such as structured products require investors to assess several characteristics and risk factors that may not be present in other types of transactions. In reaching a determination as to the appropriateness of any proposed transaction, clients should undertake a thorough independent review of the legal, regulatory, credit, tax, accounting and economic consequences of such transaction in relation to their particular circumstances. The Product is reserved to certain Eligible Investors as defined in the Issue Document. The current issue document is obtainable at the registered office of the Product.

This information is not intended as an offer or a recommendation or an invitation to purchase or sell financial instruments of financial services and does not release the recipient from making his/her own assessment. In particular, the recipient is advised to assess the information, with the assistance of  an adviser If necessary, with to its compatibility with his/her own circumstances in view of any legal, regulatory, tax, investment-related, and other implications. Investments held by the financial product described in this information material are associated with a higher risk than investments in more developed markets or countries. Investors are expressly made aware of the risks described in the Issue Document and the lower liquidity and greater difficulty in determining the value of the Product’s investments (which are generally unlisted and not traded), and must also be prepared to accept substantial price losses including the entire loss of their investment. responsAbility and/or the members of its board of directors and employees may hold shares in the financial product (or any related investments) mentioned in this information material and may add to or sell these positions from time to time. Additionally, the members of the board of directors and employees of responsAbility may serve as members of boards of directors of the investments in which the financial product is invested. This information material is expressly not intended for persons who, due to their nationality or place of residence, are not permitted access to such information under applicable law. The financial product specified in this information material is and will not be licensed for distribution in the United States of America. As a result, it may not be offered, sold, or delivered there. Neither the present information material nor copies thereof shall be sent or taken to the United States of America, or issued in the US or to a US person(in the terms of Regulation S of the United States Securities Act of 1933, in the respective current version). The distribution of the Issue Document and the offering of the Shares and Notes may be restricted in certain jurisdictions.

This work is protected by copyright law. All rights reserved, in particular with respect to translation, reproduction, communication, copying of images and tables, broadcasting, microfilming or reproduction by other means, as well as storage on data processing equipment, even where such use only applies to excerpts. Reproduction of this work or parts thereof is permissible only within the scope of statutory provisions without the prior written consent of responsAbility. Germany: The Product is is exempt from the scope of the AIFM law pursuant to article 2 (2) c and therefore does not require registration with the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (“BaFin”) in Germany. Luxembourg: The Product is an investment company with variable capital governed by the laws of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and is subject to the Law of 13 February 2007.  The above registration does however not require any Luxembourg authority to approve or disapprove either the adequacy or accuracy of the issue document or the assets held in the Product. Any representations to the contrary are unauthorised and unlawful The fact that the Product is entered on the list of authorised specialised investment funds by the Luxembourg authority shall not under any circumstance be described in any way whatsoever as positive assessment made by the Luxembourg authority of the quality of Shares and Notes offered for sale. The Netherlands: The Product is is exempt from the scope of the AIFM law pursuant to article 2 (2) c and therefore does not require registration with the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (“AFM”). Switzerland: This Product is not authorized for distribution to the public in Switzerland. The present information material is therefore strictly limited to internal use and may not be passed on to any third party, unless (i) such third party has solicited so on its own initiative, or (ii) such third party is a qualified investor under the terms of the Swiss Federal Act on Collective Investment Schemes and related regulations. © responsAbility Investments AG, 2016. All rights reserved.

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