In early 2018, the Global Climate Partnership Fund (GCPF) launched the Global Climate Partnership Award with the objective to recognize outstanding performance and impact of its partner institutions in advancing green lending within their institution. The Award was launched after months of feedback from green lending ‘champions’ inside a variety of financial institutions. There was a clear need for recognition of worthy initiatives inside an organization and sharing innovative solutions among peers.

Participants were invited to submit entries in three categories by 8 March 2018.

1. Capacities and skills to implement Green Lending (individual/employee level)

2. Institutional capacities, infrastructure, strategies and processes (organization level)

3. Project and Green Lending product range (product/service level)

The jury, consisting of four GCPF stakeholders with different perspectives and headed by Luke Franson, Head Green Lending at GCPF, evaluated 12 submissions from seven institutions across three continents.

On 23 May, the Award winner as well as the two runners-up were announced at an official Awards Ceremony.


City Bank Ltd. Bangladesh

City Bank produced a strong application across all three categories. In general, the jury identified enormous progress in integrating environmentally-friendly activities into the bank’s everyday operations. 

The bank’s perspective and initiatives represent a “second-generation” approach, whereby they are not implemented as a quid pro quo for attractive funding, but rather as intrinsic to the bank’s own brand, recognizing a sense of environmental consciousness for its own stand-alone value.

Mr. Sohail Hussain, Managing Director & CEO of City Bank came to Zurich to receive the Award from GCPF’s Chairperson, Claudia Arce.

Furthermore, the Jury very much appreciated two initiatives and honored them with an “Honorable Mention” for one of the specific categories:

Honorable Mention for Category III

Innovative project and green lending product range

Banco Promerica Costa Rica

The bank’s green building mortgage program is clearly leading the sector and has the ability to be replicated worldwide.

Honorable Mention for Category I

Individual capacities and skills to implement green lending

Banpro Nicaragua (Banpro)

Banpro has invested in a holistic and comprehensive training program that teaches its staff in various departments and management hierarchies about the advantages of green lending. The training goes far beyond the typical structure and generally supports a less common retail-oriented approach to green lending.


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