The Technical Assistance Facility complements GCPF’s investments by enabling partner institutions to access specialized consultancy services in order to build the capacity required to judge investments with regard to climate mitigation impacts and to identify and capture the potential of providing financing to energy efficiency or renewable energy projects by facilitating the placement of funds with the final beneficiary of the fund.

The Technical Assistance Facility supports the development and implementation of:

Green lending capacity building

Specially appointed consultants help financial institutions develop and implement GCPF-compliant clean energy lending products, including effective marketing and sales strategies. This publication documents a select number of Green Lending Journeys of GCPF partner Financial Institutions.

Environmental and social management systems (ESMS)

The Technical Assistance Facility helps partner financial institutions to introduce and continuously improve and implement their ESMS to comply with GCPF environmental and social standards


Impact assessment tools

In the absence of a reliable baseline to measure the CO2 footprint of loans, the Technical Assistance Facility can commission baseline studies to help partner institutions carry out eligibility assessments for clean energy projects


market and feasibility studies for direct investments

The Technical Assistance can be used to verify the technical or financial viability of directly funded projects or to ensure that all social or environmental risks are addressed